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Now Enrolling New Participants!

Active Choices is an individualized approach to physical activity facilitates long-term exercise participation with a minimal amount of in-person contact.  This program is an evidence-based health behavior change program developed by a team of behavioral scientists, led by Dr. Abby King, at the Stanford Prevention Research Center (SPRC), Stanford University School of Medicine, with the input of experts in the areas of Medicine, Public Health, Exercise Science, Nutritional Science, and Psychology.

The Active Choices program is varied in length but is designed as a 6-month to 12-month individualized program that can be delivered by telephone or through online meeting platforms (e.g., Zoom). It provides remote guidance, feedback and support while offering adults the flexibility to choose when and where to undertake their physical activity.

Cost is $0.00 per participant depending on your parish.

If you are interested in participating in this program please reach out Jeffrey Wittenbrink our Wellness Program Coordinator

CONTACT: Jeffrey Wittenbrink
email: jwittenbrink@capitalaaa.org
Phone: 225-928-8767
Fax: 225-922-2528