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Bingocize strategically combines the game of bingo, exercise, and/or health education. Groups of participants play Bingocize® twice per week, with each 45-60 minute session consisting of exercises (range of motion, balance, muscle strengthening, and endurance exercises) and/or health education questions. Participants rest while numbers are called for the bingo game, complete more strategically inserted exercises or health education questions, rest during number calling, and so on. This pattern is continued until a Bingocizer wins the game. Small prizes are awarded to winners. Additional games are played until all planned exercises and/or health education questions are completed. The program can be delivered using a traditional bingo game along with printed curriculum materials or can use a web-based app to play Bingocize® in-person or remotely.

Cost is $0.00 per participant depending on your parish.

If you are interested in participating in this program please reach out to Christine Nguyen our Wellness Program Coordinator

CONTACT: Christine Nguyen
email: cnguyen@capitalaaa.org
Phone: 225-928-8767
Fax: 225-922-2528